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The ship has made a stop at a city-planet to acquire some supplies-- and just everyone's luck, it's one of those wonderful mostly-lawless places where you can do or get pretty much anything. About the only thing the local government seems to frown on is outright murder, though it's quickly apparent that most of the planet's places of business include some rather heavily-armed security to deter thieves and other ne'er-do-wells. Still, it's a chance to get away from the zombies and breathe some non-recycled atmosphere for a while...


#1: Screw that, I'm staying on board.

Just what it says on the tin. Your character has some plans now that the ship's mostly cleared of both unwilling passengers and zombies.. the Master might even be away! Time for a little reconnaissance behind locked doors?

#2: All work and no play makes Jack something something.

Unhappily for you, you were given a mission on-planet that you should probably try to complete before you go have fun... well, unless you want to get your air supply cut off or any of another thousand yucky things. Thankfully, you just have to pick up that really big palette of mysterious crates watched over by those really big unsmiling dudes.. or was it that other big stack of crates?

#3: Well it's not technically illegal.

There's something on-planet-- money, technology, shinies, whatever your character's heart desires. Only problem is, you can't seem to acquire it by normal economic activities. Ocean's Eleven in Space, anyone?

#4: The chips are down.

It's Space Vegas. Your character is gonna go have a look at the space casinos, or take in a space MMA battle, or whatever other ridiculous thing you can think of on a planet where you can do pretty much anything you can afford... and you've got just enough in credits or barter to cash in...

#5: Wild card! Choose your own adventure!


~Post a top-level comment for a character who will be NEW to the game. So, like.. everybody. If you want to.

~Make sure to label your post with your character's name and originating canon.

~Tag as if you're already stuck on this wonderful ship! Make sure to read through the game info before tagging.

~If you are really shy, try tagging one of the threads already there!


~Walk out of the airlocks without a space suit. Jeeze.

~Taunt happy fun ball.
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"Man.. you're giving me nostalgia here. I didn't think kids like you watched Dr. Who anymore."

He fiddles with a wire, speculatively. The door chirped.. and then swung a blast door in place. Well. He was warm, at least.

"Eh, a little zap probably won't kill me."
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"How long has Dr. Who been on?" Maya asked curiously. "I'm more familiar with the new stuff."

Oh, Kevin. You really had no idea, did you?

As for the blast door, Maya frowned. "Well. That was something special. That must be some crazy space porn stash he's hoarding!"
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"The sixties?" Flynn said, a little muffled since he was definitely starting to rummage around.

He cackled a little at her conclusion about the space porn and tried again to joggle the right connector this time. The doors slid open, revealing a rather messy stateroom identical to everyone else's.

"After you."
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"Wow. That is a long time. I only started watching when the Tenth Doctor was around," Maya said, shrugging.

When the door opened, she grinned.

"Are you coming? I don't want to get stuck in there. Man, the state of the room doesn't surprise me much. I thought for the man in charge he'd have a nicer, bigger room."
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"Ten? Seriously? They're gonna be out of show soon at that rate," Flynn said, easing slowly back to his feet. Yeah. Knees weren't happy with him.

"It might not even be the right room.. but who knows? It's a space ship. Isn't space on board supposed to be at a premium? Something something rocket fuel?"
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"Not as soon as you think. There was this thing when the Eleventh Doctor became the Twelfth Doctor and all the previous Doctors showed up and granted the Doctor a whole new round of regenerations. It was dumb," Maya said, looking clearly nonplussed.

At Flynn's discussion about it not being the right room and something something rocket fuel, Maya grinned.

"But Flynn, it puts the space ship in the rocket fuel! Besides, why would annoying PA guy be in a crappy run-down room, space premium or not?"
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"Eh. Sounds like comics, then," Flynn said with a philosophical shrug. Maybe catching up was something to do, if he ever made it home again. It wasn't as if he could really pick up where he left off in meat-space.

The room itself looked pretty abandoned, though with things strewn about like it had been abandoned in haste. The open case in what looked like the main room argued the point-- there were clothes and a few other odds and ends thrown in haphazardly.

"I don't even," Flynn said mildly to Maya's comment, frowning as he examined the stuff. Packing meant there must have been some time to react to whatever had happened... had this been someone trying to flee whatever had rectified the crew?
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Maya looked around, frowning. That suitcase... that was creepier than the Master. It meant that someone had been trying to pack, and it had ended poorly.

"Flynn, I don't like this," Maya murmured. "I don't think I want to look for creepy PA guy's space porn stash anymore."
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"Yeah... let's get out of here."

The place felt more than a little like a tomb, and brought to mind way too many memories of seeing resistance hideouts like this, half-packed and with the occupants already gone. At least here there weren't any signs of violence... but part of Flynn would have rather been crunching across voxels than this.

"Let's go see if anybody else stayed, huh?"
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Maya swept her eyes around the room, eyes slightly unfocused for a few moments. As if she was looking for something, or perhaps someone. And she breathed a sigh of relief when the room was blessedly empty.

"Okay. No ghosts," she murmured, more to herself than to Flynn.

Then she seemed to almost recenter herself and remember that he was there. "Good idea. We can't have been the only ones that stayed on board."
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Flynn blinked when her eyes went unfocused. It looked a lot like scanning which.. shouldn't be possible.

Stranger than fiction, indeed.

"Lead on. That way I can insist it's all your fault," Flynn said, keeping his tone light, and motioning Maya to take point. Yup. Time to go.
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"Well, even if no one else stayed on board, at least we can go get food. Burgers would be great! You like burgers, right, Flynn?" Maya asked, as she pointedly led them out of the creepy stateroom.

Hopefully Flynn liked burgers. Even if he didn't, he was going to be eating some now, especially if the way Maya was clinging to his arm and leading him away from the Master's creepy deserted bedroom was any indication.

Though really, that was probably for the best. There'd be plenty of opportunities to go on sneaking missions later.