cutejustice: (Hmph; mad at you; nonplussed)
Maya Fey ([personal profile] cutejustice) wrote in [community profile] beammeout 2014-07-01 01:46 am (UTC)

"I tried 5-4-3-2-1, as well. I tried several things. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try the easy ones first. After all, there are some people who leave their password as 'password' you know," Maya said, with a roll of her eyes.

"But here's what I want to know. We're in space, right? Why is the lock for this door a keypad? I have one of those on my phone. Why don't they want... space stuff for the lock? Like your palm print or a retina scan or something like from any of the sci-fi movies I've seen? Why is entering in a number enough?"

She frowned at the lock and sighed. "Unless there are traps or something once we get the door open. Maybe you're right. Maybe we should go brainstorm and regroup."

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